Welcome to GLT


Welcome to Grove Learning Trust

We are a multi academy trust situated in the north Swindon town of Highworth.

We have a strong vision based on improving the opportunities and achievements of the children in our schools by facilitating high-quality school improvement, providing innovative staff training and making active connections with like-minded schools and academies. Our team strongly believes that our focus and drive will enable Grove Learning Trust to thrive and be successful as a family of schools to which schools and their communities are proud to belong.

The location of our trust, nestled amongst the counties of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Swindon, presents us with a prime opportunity to grow sustainable and strong partnerships with schools and academies in this area, as we did successfully with our two founding schools, Eastrop and Southfield.  We are keen that all GLT schools build and celebrate a strong individual identity whilst benefiting from the active support of others around them in the trust. 

We are passionate about making connections and learning from each other, with a very clear focus: raising standards so that children in all GLT academies get the very best education and develop the same passion for learning that we have.

If you are a school that shares this passion and wants to channel your energies more efficiently into school improvement, the quality of your children’s education and the standard of your staff team’s professional development, then we are the multi-academy trust for you. We’d be delighted to meet you, take your questions and start up a conversation about what joining Grove Learning Trust means to you.

We look forward to making that connection.

With best wishes,

Aaron Griffiths

Chief Executive Officer





AJ Cripps

Chair of the

Board of Directors