School Improvement

School Improvement

School Improvement @ GLT 

School improvement is at the heart of what we do. Why? Because school improvement affects everything that goes on in the day to day life of a school. Grove Learning Trust aims to be recognised as a beacon of educational excellence and we want each and every school in our trust to be great. 

We believe that great schools enable children to learn at their best and happiest. We believe that great schools enable the professional development of all staff and we believe that great schools build leadership capacity so that they become self-sustaining and able to contribute to the success of others in and around Grove Learning Trust as a professional learning communityIn September 2020, GLT and the schools in our trust officially joined Challenge Partners - an education charity, led by practitioners, through which schools collaborate to improve each other and the education system as a whole, so all children benefit.

Challenge Partners works with schools across the country, and focuses on school improvement, leadership development and knowledge exchange. Their programmes are grounded in evidence of what works, regular quality assurance, and sharing the collective wisdom in schools.



As part of Challenge Partners, we have joined our local Challenge Partners Excellence Hub which is facilitated and led by the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust. Just over 20 other schools from across Swindon and Wiltshire belong to this hub and we are excited to be part of a growing group of local schools all commited to school improvement.