Governance Structure


Governance Structure

Grove Learning Trust's governance and reporting structure is shown below. 


Grove Learning Trust can have up to 6 members of which one will be the Chair of Grove Learning Trust’s Board of Directors and one will be the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.

To ensure a clear segregation of duties, no other member will also be a director. The members have the right to appoint and remove directors and amend the trust’s Articles of Association, subject to Department for Education (DfE) approval. They receive the annual accounts and report, appoint the trust’s auditors, and through the appointment of the Board of Directors in line with the Articles, they assure that the trust remains solvent and that directors manage the trust effectively in keeping with the trust’s vision, core purpose and principles.

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Grove Learning Trust will have up to 9 directors of which one will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Directors maintain a trust-wide view and are accountable for the trust’s standards, performance and financial probity. They are responsible for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the trust, and for setting the trust’s priorities. They hold the CEO to account for delivering the strategy and performance outcomes – both educational and financial. They operate through 2 committees: Standards & Performance and Resources, Audit and Risk.

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Academy Committee

Each academy will have its own Academy Committee which is akin to a local governing body (LGB).

The governors at this level champion and hold the academy leadership team to account for the performance of the academy. They operate as one body, as a committee of the Board of Directors, which is the trust's Governing Body. Each Academy Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors via the Board of Directors’ committees - Resources, Audit and Risk (RAR) and Standards & Performance (S&P). Governors are appointed by the Board of Directors after appropriate elections or recruitment processes that will be run by the relevant academy committee.

Scheme of Delegation

Our Scheme of Delegation, agreed by the trust’s Board of Directors, sets out the delegated authority and decision matrix across our governance structure.

Where the members can appoint and remove directors, the Board of Directors is ultimately entitled to overrule a decision made by an Academy Committee, remove delegated powers from an Academy Committee and in the most serious cases, remove or suspend an Academy Committee.